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How Polo Inspired A Fashion Movement

Polo has been hailed as the “sport of kings”, but although it is often recently associated with champagne and high society, its roots are modest. A game of central Asian origin, Polo was first played in Persia (Iran), and later Irish and British immigrants would begin playing the game in Argentina – soon becoming globally recognised as the home of Polo. People instantly recognise colourful patterned handmade polo rugs and authentic saddle leather polo belts internationally. But, how did these distinctive trends come about? Read on to find out how the game of polo inspired a fashion movement. 


Polo is renowned for its iconic style – we all instantly recognise the white jeans, polo shirt and traditional Argentine colourful polo belt combination as a timeless look, sported over the years by many style idols. Brands such as Polo Ralph Lauren have even based their identity upon the game, and over the years, polo’s prominence has taken off from the polo pitch to the streets, and is frequently spotted at many equestrian events in the UK, USA and further afield. 


Probably the most globally worn garment to originate from polo is the polo shirt – the earliest known polo shirt was worn in India in the early 19th century. Since Polo is a summer sport and was historically played in hot countries, a lightweight and breathable garment was mandatory. Similarly, white trousers were worn because it was more comfortable to wear white in the warm temperatures. From the simple yet effective polo shirt, came the Oxford cotton shirt that has become one of the most versatile garments of the modern era. Fun fact, ‘The Oxford Cotton Button Down’ was inspired by Polo player’s shirts and featured the slogan ‘The Original Polo Shirt’ on the label. 


Every product has its story, but few with such a rich history as the polo belt. Today, the polo belt is a staple accessory in every Equestrian’s wardrobe, one that will last you for years to come if you opt for an authentic Argentine-crafted belt. To read about the full history of the iconic polo belt, click here for our blog on The History of the Polo Belt. 


Polo is a summer sport; the classic jeans, polo belt and a polo shirt or cotton Oxford style shirt will see you looking the part at any polo game across the country. A casual blazer finishes the look and don’t forget the statement sunnies! Whether you are playing polo yourself at your local polo club, or watching polo for the first time, Georgian Dollar has everything you’ll need, from polo blankets to equestrian jeans, polo shirts, belts and more. 


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