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Gorgeous Dollar, goodness how I love that pony!!  Dollar is a dark bay, Welsh Pony of around 11.5 hands.  He is an elderly gentleman, being 24 years old and he came into our lives two years ago, when we were looking for a dependable pony for my daughter, Tilly, who was 7 at the time. 


Being that I was never able to have a pony of my own growing up, Dollar holds a very special place in my heart.  I could honestly spend hours cuddling and fussing over him.  He is always so pleased to see me and nods his head up and down as a form of a greeting whenever I come into his stable for a cuddle. He is one of the most handsome ponies I have ever seen (obviously we are biased!) and is such an easy-going, loving pony.


Dollar was originally a riding school pony at the Club in Dubai, where I kept my horses and Dollar was one of the first ponies that William rode when he was 5 years old, so he had been on our radar for a few years before he joined our family.  Fast forward 5 years and Tilly had lost her confidence during a riding lesson, where her horse was kicked by another pony, sending her horse into full canter, which resulted in a fall.  Tilly had been doing so well up until that point and had shown huge confidence and enthusiasm, so I really wanted her to develop a bond with a pony she could trust.  Luckily, at the same time, we heard that some of the older riding school ponies were being sold off and so we jumped at the chance to buy Dollar.  He came into our lives at exactly the right time and he immediately became an important part of our equine family.    


The sweetest thing about Dollar is how grateful he is.  Being a riding school pony for 8 years, he was over-worked, over-ridden and was ring sour.  He immediately loved being part of a family and very quickly, he started to recognise my voice and would whinny whenever I called him or he could hear me talking, which was just the loveliest sound! 

I have always felt that he really looks after Tilly.  He will stand patiently for hours whilst she grooms him and picks out his feet.  Tilly doesn’t ride him very often anymore but she loves to spoil him and when she does ride him, he is always gentle and protective.  He is such a character and does the funniest expressions, particularly when he is eating his hay and doesn’t want to be disturbed, he loves to greet anyone who comes up to his stable with a ‘grumpy old man’ face, although, as soon as you go into the stable, he is very pleased to see you!


Seeing him now retired in a beautiful green field with us in Devon makes me glow with happiness.  For all the times growing up that I wished for a pony of my own, Dollar now makes up for it in spades!!  Even though Tilly reminds me constantly that he is her pony (which he obviously is!), secretly I tell myself that he is mine all mine! :-)


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