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My love for Macho began 2 years before I actually bought him. Being located in the stable opposite Tita, I got very attached to his cheeky, laid back personality and he always called out to me when he could see me giving Tita carrots, so I always had to keep an extra supply on tap!


I eventually heard on the grapevine that he was up for sale and knew I had to act fast! His previous owner had played polo on him and after retiring from the game, decided to keep Macho for a hacking pony. I knew he’d been taken very good care of and he was in good shape being completely sound and having no issues.  


At this stage, Tita was up and down with her arthritis issues, so sometimes needed rest, therefore I thought it was a good time to get another pony, although my husband wasn’t so sure!! However, I knew I could persuade him eventually! My husband had shown some interest in riding, so I thought Macho would be perfect for him, calm, dependable, solid, unspooky, he was perfect! There was another party interested in him, so I knew I had to move quickly! I spoke to the owner and was delighted when he agreed to sell him to me J It was around the time of my husband’s birthday, so I took him to Macho’s stable and said ‘Ta Dah’!! I wasn’t sure the look of shock I got was happiness at the time but they have gone on to have many adventures together and now Macho loves Toby more than me! They have a wonderful bond, Macho will take Toby’s baseball cap off his head and wave it around, nibble on his shoulder and nuzzle him for carrots and attention and he ALWAYS whickers when he hears Toby’s voice. It’s been really lovely to watch their bond grow and deepen over the past 3 years.

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Initially Toby started having polo lessons on Macho, they were the dynamic duo and would stick and ball together for ages. One morning in Dubai, it was very dewy on the grass and Macho corners like he’s on rails! As they went around the corner, Macho slid and they both went down and hit the ground hard. I will never forget Toby being more worried about Macho than anything else and Macho stood over Toby protectively until he had gotten back up on his feet. You could tell how worried he was about Toby, loyalty at its finest. Toby lost his confidence slightly that day and had a lot of bruising but they worked through it together and he was soon back on his mighty steed!


When we moved to Devon and the horses came over, Macho was the one who was most out of character and caused me some concern. He seemed to go from my most laid-back pony to a raging, fire breathing dragon! However, this was only two weeks in and now, 8 months later, he is happier than a pig in **it. Back to his usual laid-back self. Due to Tita’s arthritis, Macho is my ‘go to’ trekking pony. We go for miles together, come across Dartmoor ponies, cows, cross over windy moorland and we enjoy many incredible views together. He is always calm and really takes everything in his stride. He is a joy to ride and tack up (not like Tita, who is like a viper!) and will stand for hours until you ask him to move. Needless to say (if you can’t already tell!), we have so much love for this boy and he, along with the other three, is a very important member of our family.

Macho & I Dartmoor | Georgian Dollar

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