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Dreams, Goals and Photoshoots!

My goodness, where does time go?  I can’t believe that two months have passed since my last blog, life seems to have been taken over by work, work, work with a little left over for my gorgeous herd.  As always, they are my therapy and keep me sane at times of stress, I would be a basket case without them (well more of a basket case than I already am!)


The good news is that aside from my day job, I have been working away on a very exciting project, which was the whole reason why Georgian Dollar was created last year.  It has long been a dream of mine to develop an equestrian jean brand and in May 2018, I decided the time was right to go for it!  Since then, it has been months of blood, sweat and tears but FINALLY, I have created my first line of equestrian jeans!


My journey has been driven by a passion to develop jeans that are of the highest quality, comfort and design, that look and feel good, on or off the horse.  Jeans for any equestrian activity, be it mucking out, hacking out or going out!  The first line of Georgian Dollar Jeans are officially on order and will be ready to launch in the first week of July……can you tell I’m excited?! 


I have always wanted to do something horse related as a business and I am a firm believer in jumping in with both feet.  Don’t think about it too much, if it’s a dream to do something, then make it happen!  We always have a million reasons to put things off and my belief is that if it feels right, then the time is now. Everything is a risk in life but sometimes, you have to go with your gut and take the rough with the smooth.  This journey has been an eye-opener for me and a huge learning curve.  It’s been stressful at times but I managed to stay focused and now finally, the jeans are ready and I can honestly say, it’s all been worth it!   


The good news is that it hasn’t been all work and no play!  Last month, I decided to have some professional photos taken of myself with my horses, as I really wanted to capture this very special time, when I have Tita, Macho, Reggie and Dollar all together.  They have a wonderfully special bond between them and they truly are one herd.  I am so grateful for each one of them, so I really wanted to have some photos taken, that I can enjoy for a lifetime.    


I was extremely lucky to find the amazingly talented Deborah Heynes (Deborah Heynes Photography), who took some incredible photos and we had a really fun morning together, along with my lovely friend Sophia, who also had some gorgeous photos taken with her beautiful horse, Jack.  Sophia runs the livery where I keep my horses and as you will see from the stunning backdrop in the photos, I am a very lucky lady to have found such a special place! 


All the horses were extremely well behaved, except that the temptation of all the long grass proved to be quite a challenge, especially when trying to get them to keep their heads up!!  You can see in some of the photos, they have large chunks of grass sticking out of the side of their mouths, which made the photos all the more natural and fun.  Apart from that, they were as good as gold and as always, they did me proud. 


I have added a few of my favourite photos in a collage for you to see, so I hope you like them. 



For updates on the launch of Georgian Dollar Jeans, please check out the Facebook and Instagram pages, where you can also see lots of fun posts of life with my herd.  Links for the pages, can be found at the bottom of this website.


Until next time, happy Summer everyone! :-)

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