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Denim Breeches and Happy Endings!

Hey everyone, I’m baacccckkkkkk!!  It’s been a while, well…...over a year actually, so I thought it was time I got back into my blogging adventure, that I started at the beginning of my Georgian Dollar journey.

It’s amazing how time flies and looking back to what has happened since I last wrote a blog post, it kind of blows my mind!  So here’s the recap……

In my last post, I was getting all prepped for our first ever trade show, which was at Olympia.  I had launched Georgian Dollar in July that year (2018 to be precise) and had applied to exhibit at Olympia.  What a brilliant experience Olympia was, it was 10 days of total madness, aching feet from all the standing, aching jaws from all the laughing and we loved every minute!  We met incredible people, had a blast and screeched home just in time for Christmas, phew!

Then, the dreaded coronavirus struck in 2019, ugh! Looking back, it’s weird to think that CoronaVirus was actually lurking around, even when we were packed into one of the busiest horse shows in the UK.  It’s odd to think that we at that time, had no idea of the impact this virus would have.  It’s kind of crazy actually.  Here we are, over a year later and I am keeping all my fingers crossed (as I know we all are!), that we will be rid of this dreadful pandemic soon and back to life with as much hugging as possible! 

So onto happier news, the most wonderful thing happened recently and I can’t wait to share it with you all.  It’s quite a story, so are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin….

This is a story of the wonders of Facebook and how it can replace pieces of a jigsaw that have been lost over time.

If you have been following Georgian Dollar for a while, you will know that I named the business after our beloved Dollar (aka Georgian Dollar), my daughter’s much loved and now retired Welsh Pony. We bought Dollar in Dubai five years ago. He had been a riding school pony for over 10 years in Dubai before we bought him and Tilly had learned to ride on him before he came to us.  We adore our Dollar but we had always wondered where he came from and how he got to be in Dubai in the first place....well this is where the power of Facebook comes in!!

A few weeks ago, I had a message on one of our GD Facebook posts from a wonderful lady asking if my Georgian Dollar had been born from Georgian Dixie in around 1995 in Guildford. I almost fell off my chair (I think I actually did!), as that is Dollar’s birth year!! After some further messaging, this lovely lady sent me some images and there was our gorgeous Dollar as a foal, IT WAS A MATCH! The exact same blaze and little white socks, my eyes filled up with tears.  How amazing is that? All those little gaps of time had been filled and now with Dollar at 25 years old, we know that he came from a stud in Guildford. 


This was amazing in itself and although we were still wondering how Dollar came to be in Dubai, I had thought that perhaps this was something that we may never find out.  


HOWEVER, another big cheer for the power of facebook, as a few days ago a lovely girl contacted me, as she had seen my post that I had recently shared about discovering more about Dollar’s younger years and guess what……?  It turns out that Dollar had been hers and her brother’s childhood pony!!  How wonderful is that? She told me that they had taken him on as a 4 year old and had many years of fun and adventures with him. It was after this time, that he was bought by a five star riding school in Dubai, which is how we came to meet Dollar in the first place!  As we were living out there at the time and I kept my horses at the same club where Dollar was based.  Here are a couple of photos from Dollar’s younger days:-

Image of Georgian Dollar who is a welsh pony as a foal / Georgian Dollar Equestrian Jeans

I can’t begin to explain how much this information means to us! To see these incredible photos of Dollar as a foal and a young pony, are truly wonderful.

We really couldn’t be more grateful that Dollar came into our lives and it makes us so happy that he is now back in UK with us, loving his retirement in green fields, with his best mate Reggie, where he belongs.

Who else loves a happy ending?  I know I do!  Until next time peeps, keep smiling and happy riding.

Lots of love

Amanda xx

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