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Blood, Sweat & Tears!

Oh I am loving July! This is predominantly down to two things, firstly, the sun has finally decided to grace us with its glorious presence and we are now enjoying a wonderfully warm UK summer at last.  The second reason is that on 5th July, I finally launched the Sieta Equestrian Jean line!


All I can say is wow!  I have been completely overwhelmed by the wonderfully supportive comments and feedback I have received on the jeans.  I cannot express how much these reviews have meant to me.  For so long now, I have dreamed of building my own equestrian jean brand and to see my dream become a reality and to receive such positive reviews, makes all the blood, sweat and tears worthwhile.


It is always a risk taking the giant leap of faith to start your own business but once I started the journey, I was determined to keep going, even though there were so many challenges along the way. It was a labour of love for over 18 months and I had a clear idea in my mind of the jeans that I wanted to create but it was a rocky road trying to get the template 100% right (I am a Virgo after all, so perfectionist is definitely in my nature!).  I lost count of the amount of sample pairs I had made and tried out on my ever-patient ponies, which ended up on the muck heap! 


It was the best feeling in the world when I received the sample pair that met all my expectations and now to have them finally launched, it really is a dream come true.  My journey has been driven by a passion to develop jeans that are of the highest quality, comfort and design, that look and feel good, on or off the horse. I am now working on further jean lines and I am SO excited to see where this journey takes me, I hope you will all join me along the way because I truly couldn’t do it without your support.   


My herd are doing well, Tita is loving retirement along with our old gentleman Dollar.  She made me laugh this week, as Dollar has been spending time in her field recently, along with Macho.  I swear she still sees me as a giant walking carrot as, when we lived in Dubai, if I came to the paddock (with a carrot in hand) she would see Dollar off and block him from coming anywhere near me.  The other day, I popped into the field to see them all and she completely fielded me from the other two, ears flat back at them both, as if to say “back off, she’s MY carrot lady”!  I just love that mare, she is so grumpy at times but she makes up for it ten-fold with her amazingly entertaining character. 


Reggie is still terrified of cows but that is a whole different story!  He is the most loving and fun-filled pony and always puts a smile on my face.  Macho is still the most chilled pony in the world and is very much my go-to happy hacking pony, I swear he would love to live on a ranch in Texas and herd cattle around all day!  He truly resonates with my cowgirl spirit!


In other news, call me crazy but it looks like I may be adding to my herd….more of this to come in my next blog but in the meantime, if anyone has any advice, thoughts, comments on the Connemara breed, I would love to hear them!  Please send me a direct message via FB/Instagram or email me via the website contact us page.


Finally, I will leave you with a gorgeous quote shared on Instagram by an account I follow, called We_Trot_On, which really resonated with me:-


“It’s impossible” said Pride

“It’s risky” said Experience

“It’s pointless” said Reason

“Give it a try” Whispered the Heart


Until next time, happy riding! 

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